About Us

First Baptist Church of John Day is a group of believers that seek to be faithful and 
genuine in the days preceding the Lord’s return.  Since 1937, First Baptist Church 
has consisted of a group of believers that have promoted the teachings of our Lord 
Jesus Christ.  

Historically, Baptists have been known as people of the Word and this continues to 
this day at this church.  The Bible is constantly read from, referred to and declared 
every time the church doors are opened.  This church has not been affiliated with 
any mainstream denominations in order to uphold the integrity of the Scriptures.

We look forward to continually serve our Lord in the community of John Day and 
surrounding areas.  Our prayer is that God will shatter the shackles that confine 
men, women, and young people in prisons of despair, faithlessness and sin.  

Today, many people want to complain about this problem or that problem.  Here at 
First Baptist Church of John Day, we have answers.  We believe in the solution that 
the Creator has provided.  This answer is found in the person of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, in the Words of our God and in the power of His Spirit.  

There is a part of the equation that has not been mentioned…You!!!  Join us at First 
Baptist Church of John Day, “A Place Where Life’s Greatest Treasures Are 

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